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"The guy who came was friendly but also didn't stop working until the job was done, even though it was pouring rain! He even did a great job cleaning up, even though that was free. We saved a ton of money because he offered us the lowest price of all of his competitors. Thanks for the superior service. 

P. S. SW Calgary
"We Saved a Ton of Money...He Didn't Stop Working Even Though it was Pouring Rain!"

CGAA Certifies that BJunkless4Less offers excellent customer service.

Junk Removal Services in Calgary 


• Appliance Removal

• Refridgerator Removal

• Electronics Removal & Recycling

• TV Removal & Recycling

• Printer Recycling

• Computer Recycling

• Furniture Removal 

• Carpet Removal

• Mattress Recycling & Removal

• Metal Removal & Recycling

• Tire Removal 

• Yard Waste Removal

• Leaf Removal

• Garbage Removal

• Junk Removal