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"The guy who came was friendly but also didn't stop working until the job was done, even though it was pouring rain! He even did a great job cleaning up, even though that was free. We saved a ton of money because he offered us the lowest price of all of his competitors. Thanks for the superior service. 

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"We Saved a Ton of Money...He Didn't Stop Working Even Though it was Pouring Rain!"

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 Cardboard Recycling Calgary

Help Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Cardboard Recycling Calgarycardboard recycling calgary

100% cardboard recycling & recovery helps minimize your environmental impact.


Are you producing enough bulk cardboard to segregate and bale and is your waste bin being filled up with cardboard boxes? Avoid Landfills, Increase your productivity & efficiency & save money!

Tailored services to meet your needs. We can improve your resource efficiency, environmental image & performance. Recycling cardboard is a source of revenue - rebates are encouraging many organizations to recycle cardboard. We make it easy for you to maximize the amount of waste you recycle and deliver advanced processes that increase your business efficiency.

The solution we provide will vary based upon your cardboard volumes and how the material is packaged. All types of paper, cardboard or flattened cardboard boxes will be taken away and recycled. Get a free assessment of how we can make recycling work for you.


Meet Your Bulk Cardboard Recycling Calgary Needs With a Regular Collection Schedule

Should the level of your waste increase contact us to request additional containers or increase your collection frequency. You can be assured of a highly flexible and personalized service designed to minimize the hassle of your waste requirements.

Call us today for cardboard recycling, Calgary!